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“It’s very important to always remember that Western colonial powers are as guilty as Israel in the mass-murder of Palestinians, especially the USA.”

— Raja Abdulhaq, Facebook, Jul 12 2014

“If you preach about popular resistance by calling it “non-violent” resistance in the international arena and indirectly condemn other forms of resistance, mainly armed, then you don’t represent Palestine.”

— Raja Abdulhaq, Facebook, Feb 25 2013

Black/Ethiopian Israelis, w/ racist white colleagues, kill & destroy Palestinian lives. They are our colonizer & slaughter. No empathy”

— Raja Abdulhaq, Twitter post, May 4 2015

“Islamophobia is tool for US gov. for creating mutual enemy to unite society & justify wars & dominance of the world.”

— Raja Abdulhaq, Twitter Post, May 29 2015

“I don’t support American genocide, imperialism, occupation and colonialism.”

— Raja Abdulhaq, Twitter post, May 29 2015

“Egypt decision to designate Hamas as terrorist org today is another clue that military coup was engineered and blessed by the USA & Israel.”

— Raja Abdulhaq, Facebook, Feb 28 2015

“Yes, the Israeli army is famous for having the most advanced and sophisticated weaponry in the Middle East, but its soldiers are known for being the most cowardly. As the Palestinian resistance crushes Israeli invading army in ‪#‎Gaza‬, killing more than 20 and capturing a soldier, Israel can only responds by committing more massacres against women and children…Long live the Palestinian resistance! We will never give up! ”

— Raja Abdulhaq, Facebook, Jul 20 2014

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Raja Abdulhaq Profile


Raja Abdulhaq

Occupation: Student
University: Brooklyn (CUNY)
Organization(s): AMP, BDSIMJ
Close Connection(s): Hatem Bazian


Raja Abudlhaq is a graduate student at Brooklyn College  — part of the City University of New York (CUNY) studying International Affairs.  Abdulhaq graduated from CUNY  with a degree in Computer Engineering. He was raised in Israel’s West Bank and came to the USA in 2004.

Abulhaq is a member of the Islamic Movement for Justice (IMJ) which was created “to liberate bodies and minds from oppression through Islamic social organization and education.” He was also the founder and president of a chapter of the General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) in New York.

When Canary Mission launched in May 2015, Abdulhaq gave an interview on Iran’s Television Network based in Tehran, PressTV, denouncing its efforts as preventing free speech. He has also provided previous interviews with the Iranian network on the topic of “Israeli aggression.”

Abdulhaq openly expresses radical and violent views condemning Israel and the USA on social media. Included are that the actions of colonial Western powers are to blame for  the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, that one cannot represent Palestine if one condemns armed resistance and that the USA engineered the coup that resulted in the overthrow of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood dictator Morsi.

Abdulhaq believes that Israel is a racist colonial state, asserting that “It’s very important to always remember that Western colonial powers are as guilty as Israel in the mass-murder of Palestinians, especially the USA.” He has also stated that he considers any Muslim organization that organizes an Interfaith event with a “Zionist” counterpart to be a “betrayal to your brothers in sisters in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and other countries.”

During the Gaza war in July 2014, Abdulhaq organized  aprotest via social media to disrupt the New York City Council’s “Stand with Israel” press conference. Protesters stood outside the venue brandishing placards and chanting such things as; “Not another nickel for Israel’s crimes,” “New York to Palestine, ethnic cleansing is a crime,” and “Zionism is racism!”

After the Gaza war in which thousands of rockets were fired at Israeli population centers, Abdulhaq applauded the terrorist organization Hamas on his website for what he saw as their restraint. In his praise he claimed that “on multiple occasions, Hamas’ officials declared their ability to target Israeli civilians, but as a sign of strength and morality they targeted only soldiers.” He added that “Gaza didn’t only defeat the Zionist expansionist project, but it also defeated the global colonial and imperialist agenda, represented by Western powers and some Arab countries, that aims to continue the colonization of people.”

In November 2012, Abdulhaq organized anti-Israel protests  that spanned a number of days outside the Israeli Consulate in New York.


Abdulhaq was the president of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) New York between 2012 and 2013 and has been involved in the organization since 2010.

He spoke alongside AMP founder Hatem Bazian at a March 26 2013 NYC Press Conference promoting an Israel Apartheid advertisement campaign on MetroNorth.  The advertisements appeared at 25 stations on the New York City Transit Authority’s Metro North line for four weeks before being moved to another metropolitan area.

AMP was founded by UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian as a means of directing and supporting the anti-Israel campus organization he co-founded, the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).

The AMP board includes former members of both the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) and Holy Land Foundation (HLF), both of which were found liable for aiding and abetting the terrorist organization Hamas. The IAP itself was founded by Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, the current Deputy Chief of Hamas Political Bureau, and according to the Associated Press, the number two leader of Hamas.


Abulhaq is an active member of Al-Awda, a radical anti-Israel website that rallies for the “Right of Return,” otherwise known as the “One State Solution” that would see the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish State. To this end, Al-Awda promotes divestment, a tenet of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.

The Al-Awda coalition calls to an end to all US political, military and economic aid to “Israel, the divestment of all public and private entities from all “Israeli” corporations and American corporations with subsidiaries operating within “Israel” and the boycott of all “Israeli” products. Their boycott campaign promotes divesting from companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle with the slogan, “When you buy these products you are voting for Israel.”

The BDS movement was founded in 2005 by Omar Barghouti. The movement is self-described as “a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights.”

Campaigns include compelling institutions and individuals to divest from Israeli-affiliated companiesacademic boycotts as well as physical rallies and protests.

The groups most notable achievement has been the infiltration of university campuses through lobbying for “BDS resolutions. In these cases, backed by university anti-Israel affiliates, the university student government has been brought to vote on some sort of boycott of and divestment from Israel and Israeli-affiliated organizations. These resolutions, although non-binding, have been passed by student governments on numerous North American campuses.

BDS activity is often aggressive and disruptive. It is documented that universities that pass BDS resolutions see a marked increase in anti-Semitism on campus. In 2013, the student government of the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) debated a BDS resolution. Reports emerged of threats of violence, the spitting on a female student senator, and theft of the personal property of anti-BDS activists. As a result, the student government chose to vote via a “secret ballot” in order to ensure their own safety.

Barghouti and the BDS movement are proponents of the radical “one-state solution” that has been denounced as a scheme to dissolve Israel as the Jewish State. Barghouti has been quoted as saying, “Good riddance! The two-state solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is finally dead”, and that in a one-state “by definition, Jews will be a minority.”

The organization is affiliated with numerous anti-Israel groups worldwide, including ones that have been labeled terrorist organizations. The Jerusalem Post claims the BDS movement receives directives from Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and the movement is considered extreme even by Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas who stated his opposition to a BDS boycott of Israel in 2013.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/raja48

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/raja-abdulhaq/34/578/704

Website: http://www.imjonline.org/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+RajaAbdulhaq/about


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