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Sherin Khawaja


Sherin Khawaja was the treasurer of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at Purdue University (Purdue), which supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

At an April 5, 2016 SJP Purdue event, Khawaja posed for a photo alongside a Palestinian student from Birzeit University — a Palestinian college whose student body has been ridden with terrorists since at least 2003. The student government race in 2003 featured models of exploding Israeli buses. In the debate, the Hamas candidate asked the Fatah candidate: "Hamas activists in this university killed 135 Zionists. How many did Fatah activists from Birzeit kill?"

In January of 2016, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) swept Birzeit’s campus, seizing Hamas propaganda. The University reportedly characterized the sweep as a "belligerent ...attack on the university and our right to education and all the principles involved in the freedom of education."

The student with whom Abdelsalam posed was promoting a Birzeit University "Right to Education" campaign, protesting against Israeli security measures.

Islamists affiliated to Hamas won the student council elections at Birzeit in April of 2015.

Birzeit university's Fatah-affiliated students also embrace terror. The Shabiba student group, in December 2015, posted Facebook pictures of themselves beside a Christmas tree adorned with the portraits of terrorist murderers — including one who had recently stabbed four Israeli civilians. The terrorists whose images decorated the Christmas tree were collectively responsible for thousands of murderous attacks against Israelis. Behind the Birzeit students was a sign that proclaimed: "The way to freedom is a bullet and a martyr... a crescent and a cross; Merry Christmas, [Fatah] Shabiba student movement, Birzeit University."

As of July 2018, Khawaja’s LinkedIn page said that she is a 2018 graduate of Purdue with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. She is an FF&E Designer at Design Design LLC since June 2018.

Supporting Terror-Inciter Khader Adnan

On June 17, 2014, Khawaja posted an infographic on Facebook supporting supporter of Khader Adnan, a senior member of the terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), which "is dedicated to the violent destruction of Israel." PIJ has no political wing or social wing — only a military wing, which focuses solely on promoting terrorism and the murder of Israelis. It is reported that PIJ is backed by Iran and has killed dozens of Israelis in suicide bombings and other attacks.

A 2007 YouTube video showed Adnan praising and encouraging suicide bombings: "Who among you will carry the next explosive belt? Who among you will fire the next bullets? Who among you will have his body parts blown all over?"

Adnan has been arrested numerous times by the Palestinian Authority — once for encouraging students to hurl stones at a visiting French Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin. Israel has also arrested Adnan for “activities that threaten regional security."

SJP Purdue

SJP Purdue was formed in 2009. The group is part of Indiana Palestine Solidarity (IPS), an organization created by Sireen Zayed to "bring together activists and SJP chapters from all over the state of Indiana."

Promoting Anti-Semitism Under The Guise of Human Rights

SJP Purdue enthusiastically promotes the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement on its Facebook page.

In March of 2016, SJP Purdue signed a petition endorsing BDS and disingenuously denying that BDS is rife with anti-Semitism.

The petition was headlined "BDS Opposes all Racism--Including Anti-Semitism." The petition, however, showcased BDS’ anti-Semitism. The petition quoted Omar Barghouti calling Zionism — the belief that Jews have the right to self-determination in their own national home, and the right to develop their national culture — a form of racism and bigotry:

"The struggle for our inalienable rights is one opposed to all forms of racism and bigotry, including, but not limited to, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Zionism, and other forms of bigotry directed at anyone, and in particular people of color and indigenous peoples everywhere."

The petition also stated that "[a]n end to racism in all its forms depends on an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine."

On February 25, 2016, SJP Purdue shared an IPS post on Facebook claiming that Indiana’s Senate anti-BDS bill HB-1378 “is wrong, unconstitutional and a waste of Indiana's time and resources." #BDS." The bill was signed into law on January 19, 2016, by a unanimous vote of Indiana’s General Assembly.

Dressing Anti-Semitism as Anti-Zionism

On January 22, 2016, SJP Purdue shared a Peace House Video on Facebook featuring BDS promoter Taylor Valentine, a University of Tampa graduate:

The video insinuated that the media and the U.S. government are controlled by a "Jewish Nationalist Political Movement - Zionism" which took over Palestine with “massacres" to form Israel — a “Hyper Militaristic Pariah State, which pretty much does what it wants." The video also characterized Israel as “making a great effort to undermine democracy and hold up a giant middle finger to the first amendment".

The video features SJP member Mahmoud Ali Mohamed, dressed in a suit patterned with dollar signs, and portraying the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) as buying off the U.S. government. Mohamed announces "we have money; just tell us how much you need." The video narration goes further, saying: “If you want to get elected for President, or pretty much any public office, you need to be friends with this guy."

The video then explicitly accuses AIPAC of paying off senators to get their votes, writing legislation and having it passed in secret - in defiance of democracy, the U.S. Constitution — and the voters.

Mohamed’s character also invokes racially charged sentiments, saying "if you boycott Israel, then the government will boycott you and you’ll get put on a blacklist… it’s BLACK!"

Exploiting Disturbed Children to Demonize Israel

On April 26, 2016, SJP Purdue shared a post on Facebook presenting as a "political Prisoner" 12-year-old Dima Al-Wawi

12-year-old Al-Wawi was imprisoned for attempting to stab a security guard at the Israeli community Karmei Tzur. Al-Wawi later claimed that she intended to kill the security guard and hoped she would be killed in the process. “I was dreaming that I was going to be martyred," she said.

Misleading Students to Whitewash Terrorism

On October 14, 2015, during a month of spiraling Palestinian violence against Israeli civilians —in which scores of Israelis were stabbed or hacked to death — SJP Purdue posted on Facebook a decontextualized list of Palestinians killed during the month. The group falsely portrayed Israelis as child-killers by implying most of those killed were simply "Palestinian youth."

Below is a partial, contextualized list of so-called "youth" featured in SJP Purdue's accounting:

  • Muhannad Halabi, 19: murdered two Israelis and injured two others, including a 2-year-old, during a stabbing spree. One day earlier, Halabi posted on his Facebook page that "[t]he third Intifada is here" and wrote “[w]ake up from your slumber and save al-Aqsa. Let the revolution erupt."

  • Fadi Allon, 19: shot by Israeli security forces after Aloon attempted to murder a 15-year old Israeli boy. Several hours before the murder attempt, Aloon posted "Either martyrdom or victory" on his Facebook page.

  • Thaer Abu Ghazaleh, 19: stabbed a number of Israelis with a screwdriver near a bus stop in Tel Aviv, injuring four.

  • Muhammad Ali, 19: stabbed a border policeman in Jerusalem in the neck.

  • Muhammad Fares Abdullah al-Jaabari,19: stabbed a border policeman in Hebron.

  • Amjad al Jundi, 18: stabbed an Israeli soldier and stole his gun.

  • Hudhaifa Suleiman, 18: participated in a Hamas-organized riot where "hundreds of Palestinians...threw firebombs, rolled burning tires and threw rocks at [Israeli] soldiers."

On December 30, 2015, SJP Purdue shared on Facebook a misleading AJ+ video demonizing Israel. The video’s presenter, Dena Takruri, mischaracterized Israel’s security fence — 97% of which is a low chain link barrier — as an 8 meter-high wall running 280 miles. The video also falsely insinuated that a non-binding, advisory opinion on the security fence issued by the International Court of Justice is binding international law.

Welcoming Purveyors of Anti-Semitic Hate

On March 27, 2015, SJP Purdue hosted a discussion with Steven Salaita, now the Said Chair of American Studies at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

In 2014, The University of Illinois (U of I) withdrew an offer of employment to Salaita after becoming aware of his anti-Semitic tweets. One tweet, posted shortly after Hamas kidnapped three teenage Israeli high school students, read: "You may be too refined to say it, but I’m not: I wish all the f**king West Bank settlers would go missing."

A month later, Salaita tweeted "Zionists: transforming ‘antisemitism’ from something horrible into something honorable since 1948." On July 8, 2014, he tweeted: "There's something profoundly sexual to the Zionist pleasure w/#Israel's aggression. Sublimation through bloodletting, a common perversion."

U of I defended its decision to withdraw the job offer to Salaita in a January 29, 2015 press release, saying: “These statements [his tweets] and many more like them demonstrate that Dr. Salaita lacks the judgment, temperament and thoughtfulness to serve as a member of our faculty in any capacity, but particularly to teach courses related to the Middle East."

After being denied the position at U of I, Salaita took a teaching position at the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon, where he was employed from 2015 through 2017. The position at AUB was not tenured and so, following the close of the 2017 academic year, Salaita again sought employment.

Unable to find a teaching position “on four continents," Salaita again took to social media, stating on Facebook I “no longer consider myself among the professoriate." Salaita went on to say that “People ask if I would go back in time and change anything. I would not… I will die unapologetic."

On December 4, 2014 SJP Purdue held a discussion with Ali Abunimah, the co-founder of the anti-Israel online magazine Electronic Intifada.

Abuminah is also a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). ISM has been accused of supporting terrorism and it encourages its foreign volunteers to act "as human shields in cities, towns and refugee camps." At least once, ISM facilities have been used in attempts to facilitate the escape of known terrorists.

Embracing Hate Speech

On September 29, 2009, SJP Purdue hosted New York-based Poet, Remi Kenazi at an event misleadingly titled "Speak Peace." Kenazi is notorious for aggressively anti-Israel poetry and spoken-word performances. SJP Purdue hosted Kenazi again on October 23, 2015, during SJP Purdue’s 2015 “Palestine Awareness Week."

Promoting a Hamas Propagandist

On March 25, 2016, SJP Purdue shared a video on Facebook featuring a monologue by propagandist Dr. Mads Gilbert.

Gilbert has been banned indefinitely from entering Gaza through Israel because of his connections to the Hamas leadership.

In 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014 Gilbert was stationed at a hospital that served as a Hamas command center and rocket launching site. During that time he acted as a propagandist for the Hamas government in Gaza.

In 2001, following al Qaeda's September 11 terrorist attacks, Gilbert expressed support for the terror acts as a “legitimate response." In December of 2009, Gilbert was accused of faking resuscitation on a dead child in Gaza for dramatic effect for a CNN video.

Gilbert has been banned indefinitely from entering Gaza through Israel because of his connections to the Hamas leadership.

In 2008, 2009 and 2012 Gilbert — whose allegations are popular with white supremacists — was stationed at a hospital that served as a Hamas command center and rocket launching site. During that time he acted as a propagandist for the Hamas government in Gaza.

In 2001, following al Qaeda's September 11 terrorist attacks, Gilbert expressed support for them as a "legitimate response." In December of 2009, Gilbert was accused of faking resuscitation on a dead child in Gaza for dramatic effect for a CNN video.


SJP was co-founded in 2001 at the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) by Professors Hatem Bazian and Snehal Shingavi. Bazian served as president of the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS) while studying at San Francisco State University (SFSU) and headed the Muslim Students Association (MSA) while earning his M.A. at UC Berkeley. In 2004, while the second intifada was already winding down in Israel, he called for an intifada in the United States.

Shingavi, an activist tied to the International Socialist Organization (ISO), has been criticized for using his literature course as a vehicle for promoting anti-Israel propaganda. SJP has grown to become the primary student movement advancing the Palestinian national agenda on North American campuses and is the primary force behind BDS campaigns at most schools.

SJP activists frequently intimidate and harass Jewish and pro-Israel students. SJP members have physically assaulted Jewish students, aggressively disrupted pro-Israel events and possibly vandalized communal property. SJP rallies regularly include hate-speech and chants such as "Long Live The Intifada" and "From the River to the Sea Palestine will be Free" — calls for violence and for the destruction of the Jewish state.

SJP chapters frequently run inflammatory campaigns against Israel, including BDS resolutions, rallies, Israel-Apartheid initiatives, propaganda comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, mock checkpoints and "die-ins."

SJP chapters regularly host speakers who use language considered anti-Semitic by the U.S. State Department and individuals linked to terrorist activity.


The BDS movement was founded in 2005 by Omar Barghouti and asserts that it "works to end international support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law."

BDS initiatives include compelling institutions and individuals to divest from Israeli-affiliated companies, academic boycotts, anti-Israel rallies and protests.

The movement's most notable achievement has been the infiltration of university campuses through lobbying for "BDS resolutions." In these cases, backed by university anti-Israel affiliates, student governments have brought to vote on some form of boycott of — or divestment from — Israel and Israeli-affiliated entities. These resolutions, although non-binding, have been passed by student governments on numerous North American campuses.

BDS activity is often aggressive and disruptive. It has been noted that universities that pass BDS resolutions see a marked increase in anti-Semitic incidents on campus. In 2013, when the student government of the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) debated a BDS resolution, reports emerged of violent threats and the spitting on a student wearing a Star of David necklace. As a result, the student government chose to vote via a "secret ballot" in order to ensure its members' safety.

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