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Cleveland Medical Resident FIRED after online threat to give Jews 'wrong meds' is discovered by Canary Mission


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After Canary Mission tweeted about anti-Semitic doctor Lara Kollab on Dec 27, 2018, an international firestorm erupted so abruptly that CanaryMission.orgstruggled to deal with the enormous influx of visitors to the website.

On March 26, 2018, Canary Mission published a profile on Dr. Kollab, who was then a final-year medical student at Touro College Of Osteopathic Medicine.

Kollab responded by deleting her hateful tweets, leaving her Twitter account up. Record of the tweets was saved in Canary Mission’s screenshots.

On December 27, 2018, Canary Mission tweeted out a frightening 2012 tweet from Dr. Kollab - that once qualified, she would give “the wrong meds” to Jewish patients.

The tweet initially caused a buzz on Twitter, then gained further attention after being featured on blog IsraellyCool. It soon became an international story, featuring in mainstream media in the US, UK, Australia and beyond.

Her profile indicated that she worked at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. When word reached the clinic, they issued a statement condemning her anti-Semitism and asserting that she was no longer employed at the clinic. They later amended the statement to reveal that they had fired her in September 2018, after three months of residency, once they became aware of her anti-Semitic posts.



You can read the full details of the story in the dozens of international outlets.

However, a few interesting details have not yet been covered. You can read about them EXCLUSIVELY here:

  • In a since-deleted comment, Kollab claimed her Twitter account was a “fake” and that Canary Mission was “trying to frame” her.

  • Twitter users didn’t buy her outrageous denial of responsibility, and they let her know

  • Dr. Kollab has been inundated with support from White Nationalists on her page. They have posted scores of 5-star reviews in response to hundreds of negative reviews.

  • Dr. Kollab is not the only Cleveland-based hospital employee to spew dangerous anti-Semitism. In 2016, Mansour Salti indicated that he was employed at Cleveland’s MetroHealth Hospital. In the same year, he tweeted that while driving “this Jew with curls ran across the street in front of me I swear I wanted to run his ass over.”